Organic Deodorant Grasses of Life


We tested it on Men not animals... & She'll Love it on her more.,.

Clean & Green

Vegan Pro-biotic Super Foods & Natural source of B Vitamins, Minerals and Trace elements

Australian owned

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Want to Fix Your Gut ?

Pre-biotic Gut Food with L-Glutamine From Grasses of Life 100gr 600x600

´╗┐Pre-Biotic GutFood


Clean Hands are Safe Hands

Natural Aloe Cleanse Hand Sanitiser 100mls Gentle Hands Formula

Gentle Hand Sanitizer


Alkalize Water Fast!

Activated Silica - Alkahydroxy 45mls Heavy Metal Detox

Activated Silica


Feeling a Little Thirsty

Black Minerals 500mls - Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements

Alpine Black Minerals


Aloe There!!

Premium Organic Aloe vera Juice Grasses of Life 1 litre Packed in Australia 600x600

Organic Aloe Vera Juice 


For That Deep Clean!

Modified Citrus Pectin 100% Pure 150gr Australian Packed 600x600

Modified Citrus Pectin


I'm Super Cool!

Organic Aloe vera Gel 1 Kilogram Packed in Australia 600x600

Organic Aloe vera Gel


100% Aussie Grown Greens!

Daily Greens Boost 200gr Australian Grown Organic Super Greens

Daily Greens Boost


MCP Detox Fibre with Probiotic SuperGreens and Modified Citrus Pectin

Concerned About Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Modified Citrus Pectin & Super greens

Taking Care of Your Insides

Essential Fibre for Digestive Health

Pre-Biotic Gut Food with Natural L-Glutamine 100gr
Activated Silica Alka Hydroxy from Grasses of Life 45mls-2

The Easiest Way To Alkalise Water.... Fast!

Alkalize Water Fast

Got IBS? 

Think AloePlus!

Life Hack, Hints and Tips

The Greatest Heartburn Hack Ever...

For Fast Relief!

Stay in the Loop 


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