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Quick Daily Detoxification

GreenSmoothiesIIThe playing field is continually changing, with ever increasing toxins infiltrating our world. There are those that are seen and those that are unseen. These dangers are lurking all around us, in our food and in our bodies. Our modern world is contaminated with various elements from the microscopic, to the visible and those which mimic our natural hormones.

What is remarkable and truly amazing is the human body. Throughout the onslaught and in all that we do and are exposed to, the human body keeps going and going. Given the nature of modern life, it is now critical to your health and wellbeing to focus on each and every choice.

Scott our Naturopath and founder will often say “When it comes to healthy there is no finish line, there is only today”. He also likes to remind us that our bodies are always working/detoxifying and that special doing a detox is great, but why don’t we do it every day?

Our bodies are always detoxifying so let’s give it a hand. One of the best places to help your body is to have a nutritional routine that supports your body’s elimination and to help nourish your cells too. We love using our fermented Superfood comprising Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Alfalfa Grass. Greens are such an awesome way to help super charge the body.

“It’s the Jolt Your Body Needs”

Greens for Detoxification– We “LOVE” Organic Green Barley Grass (fermented even more) it is truly one of nature’s superfoods, it’s packed with Amino Acids, Enzymes, Minerals and B Vitamins.  We like to think of it as the Natural Energy Super Food. Why is this important? It’s because it’s important to have regular dietary sources of amino acids to support Liver function, neurotransmitter production and tissue repair to name a few.

Our body needs amino acids to work properly. You may have also noticed that Barley Grass contains enzymes, well guess what, the body needs them too. Enzymes are like our internal construction crew that break molecules apart, builds molecules and aida chemical reactions.  Barley Grass has been an important food for human nutrition for thousands of years.

Just as important are grasses such Wheat and Alfalfa Grasses these too are great sources of nutrients and chlorophyll. Many people know wheat grass but Barley Grass in our opinion is the real star. By the way did you know that these grasses are gluten free too.

Ready to be clean and green? Start each day by adding 20mls of the Superbiotic Grasses as well as 5-10mls of Chlorophyll + Sea Minerals concentrate into your morning juice or smoothie. Yep that’s it! You now the daily detox nailed.

The only trick is to just keep it up on a daily basis to help daily detoxification. You can also add some spinach leaves or chlorella to really kick it up and “Your Body will Love You For It”

The Fast Track Daily Detox Pack

·         Hydration + Add Floramin Minerals (10 mls into 1 litre of water)

·         Superbiotic Grasses Concentrate Fermented Probiotic Food (20mls daily in the morning)

·         Chlorophyll + Sea Minerals (add 5-10mls into your water bottle)

Be sure to drink around 1.5 to litres of water per day.

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