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The Secret Nutritional Value Of Fermented Foods

Why The Best Diet Is Not Enough

If you have ever wondered why fermented foods are so revered, it’s because of the awesome nutritional value it has to human health. Some of the most long lived races on the planet rely on fermented foods as an essential part of their diet. Their secret to long lived lives has been attributed to the regular consumption of fermented foods.

If we take a look back it was only 100 years ago, our ancestors diets were made up of about 1/3 fermented foods.  Today you are lucky if you get enough bacteria in your diet. Most people Don’t Get Enough Probiotic Foods Each Day!


Biotransformation is the term given to foods that have been fermented and is a natural process that increases the nutritional value of foods. When bacteria are added to start the fermentation process, the bacteria consume the carbohydrate sugars within the foods which starts to partially break these foods down. It’s like the foods have been partially pre-digested so that the nutrients have been unlocked from the plant cells, ready for your gut to readily absorb.

This means increased nutrient absorption and utilization by the body. It also helps to activate naturally occuring enzymes and makes the foods more beneficial.


If you’re going to ferment a food you have to start with the best and the freshest raw ingredients. We use the very best Organic Grasses grown in Victoria on a Certified Organic Farm, which are freeze dried to lock in the nutrients. You may not be aware but fresh Wheat Grass for home use are usually hydroponically grown in trays, not in nutrient rich organic soils. That’s why we only use nutrient dense, certified organic farm grown grasses.


The Superbiotic Grasses Concentrate uses bacteria that have been derived from PLANT ORIGINS not from Dairy Sources. This is great news for Vegans looking for probiotic cultures.

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