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The Secret Language of No!

The Happening Events The Secret Language of No Julia MckeowenII

You may not know it but you do it all the time. In all your interactions, verbal and non-verbal.

So, what are we doing all the time? According to Julia McKeowen founder of Find Your Medicine, we are giving-in to people and meeting their needs before ours. 

Julia has come to realise that we ‘give-in’ because we have weak personal boundaries, and the cost is high. 

Have you ever witnessed someone being treated a certain way and you think, wow “you let them do what!?!” But when it comes how you get treated, you sometimes let the behaviour slide and make excuses?

So why do we put up with this? Perhaps it’s because we lack practice and confidence in saying ‘No’ to others….maybe it’s because we fear hurting their feelings, letting them down or losing them from our life all together? 

This behaviour makes us do favours for others when we don’t really want to. It drives us to “keep up appearances” and eventually we become a “People-Pleaser”. But what really happens is we fail to send a true message about what is okay and what is not okay in our lives and in the process, we abandon ourselves.     

We have been taught that putting our needs first is selfish but this creates a healthy environment for us to thrive! When we are clear about what works for us and what doesn’t, we can exercise boundaries in accordance with our values and needs. We can create sustainable happiness and greatly improve our health and well being. 

If you’re curious to find out how to develop and maintain Healthy Boundaries to improve your life, business, health and relationships, Julia is speaking for one afternoon at both Brisbane and the Gold Coast on the 18th and 19th March.

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