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The Foundation of Life and Love

The Foundation of Life and Love ???

It’s been a wild, awesome (and sometimes scary) ride over the past four years since I founded Grasses of Life Superfoods. From the early beginnings when all we had were 12 bottles of stock, some home-made labels and no idea who would buy our products to the amazing business it is today.

Grasses of Life began as a vision that was inspired by my love of Nutritious Grasses, like Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa Grass and Aloe Vera (yes, it’s a grass too!) to a complete range of healing foods.

I feel passionate about nutritional grasses! I believe that they are the foundation to life as they feed much of the world and hold the soil place allowing life to take root ???

I am grateful and honored to have birthed Grasses of Life as it has given so much to so many. It has provided jobs, education, knowledge and nutrition that has helped change lives and connected people together in community.

I love that it has helped me to grow and stretch myself beyond what I thought was possible and to meet the love of my life, Julia (aka Hulo).

I had been running the business on my own for a long time and I am excited to share with you that gorgeous Julia has now joined the team ?

As my partner in Life and Business, she and I are the Custodians of the wonderful Grasses of Life.

It brings my heart so much joy to be co-creating with her and to have her gorgeous feminine energy and balance in the business as well as her unique talents and gifts.

I love that we can share this experience together and that Julia loves our products as much as I do! She looks forward to meeting you ?

A huge heart felt thank to our customers (and a massive cyber bear hug) for your love and support, we look forward to connecting with you in 2018!

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