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Me & the Bees, My Life and Thiers

In the not to distant future, I sit in my old arm chair looking out the port hole of the spacecraft I call home. As I reflect upon a time when I lived on a planet called Earth.  Inside the metal life raft I yearn to feel the wind and crave the coolness of the ocean as it laps my skin or even the smell of trees filling my senses. 

I also reflect on the many chances we had and the countless opportunities to avoid a future where we had to leave our home, Earth. What if we had listened, what if we had made other choices. I still see the potential in humanity and I still know we will get it right and come together as a collective.

We are interdependent on all the inhabitants of earth to thrive and survive. And then there are the bees, gorgeous buzzing, incrediblelife-giving Bees. I just love bees, however knowing they’re in peril from humanactivity is well, “Heart Breaking”. Is moment right now a chance, an opportunity for me and you to live and thrive on mother Earth.  

What if Bees, are the canary inthe coal mine.  It’s like our early warning system has been activated and we have been given notice of imminent danger. Dramatic as it sounds, I feel much of what is causing illness in beesis making us sick, the toxic sprays and chemicals used in farming. Unlike humans,Bees are not as resilient. We can live decades before the effects toxicaccumulation start to show. 

It’s the resilience of humans that slows change down. Why? Because the direct effects of eating foods laden with sprays/chemicals make take decades to show. Just look at DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) a pesticide from the 1940’s is still wreaking havoc in our food chain 70+ yearslater. It was banned in the 80’s yet is still found in animals and in humans. 

Our plight as healthy humans is directly connected to the humble bee. Like them we are affected by what’s in our food and environment. You may not see a direct correlation, but the bees are showing us.

Choose organic produce over non, choose chemical free personal care products, and resist using sprays and insecticides/pesticides in your own garden. Consumer power rules in our world, so vote wisely.

As veteran health practitioner, I now test all my patients for heavy metals and recommend adding detox foods to your diet. (See below) This is essential until we change our chemically driven world. 

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