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Breast Cancer & The Connection to Aluminium

Breast Cancer and Aluminium

It wasn’t until human activities through industrialization and mining that aluminium started to become a problem. Let’s face it, the stuff is everywhere and it’s dangerous!  Aluminium is in our food chain, medicines, house hold products, cosmetics and personal care products and has also contaminated our waterways.

We are aware of the more common negative health effects of Aluminium such as Alzheimer’s disease, we also know that Aluminium toxicity can lead to lead to fractures, hypoparathyroidism and anemia. You may also be surprised to find there is growing concern about Aluminium and a connection to Breast Cancer?  

Breast cancer is a multi factorial disease with many causes, more recently studies are now suggesting Aluminium toxicity can be a serious risk factor in the development of the disease. Recent research is now warning that women should avoid the use of underarm products containing Aluminium.  

We also know that Aluminium is considered a metalloestrogen (or oestrogen mimic/influences)  and disrupts hormones and further warrants caution. The bottom line is that the science isn’t clear, but women with Breast cancer have shown higher levels of Aluminium in their tissues.

We have seen via our test records that nearly all test participants have high to elevated levels. Which suggests that Aluminium is a larger issue that we are being told, however more research is still required to fully understand the impacts. 

We can be proactive by eliminating all personal care products containing Aluminium, aluminium cookware, food foil, and those foods listed below or try to buy organic whole foods. According to Food Standards Australia the major route of exposure is via our food supply. Foods such processed foods or foods with additives, foods with leavening agents (muffins, sponge cakes, pikelets, crumbed chicken takeaway, baked goods), prunes, prune juice and noodles were rated with the highest levels.

Minerals like Silica can be beneficial in reducing Aluminium levels as Silicates are known to compete with Aluminium in the body. Studies have found that increased dietary Silica was associated with reduced risk of dementia.  Silica is naturally found in spring water (not treated with Aluminium) and some foods like horsetail but do your research or seek professional advice.

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