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A Novel Approach to Killing Staphylococcus Infections

A novel approach to treating Staphylococcus infections

Scott Collins Naturopath

If you have ever had a chronic (long term) sinus infection you would know how painful and tender it can be. What if there was a silent invader or bacterium perpetuating the problem? One such cause of sinus infection can be from a staph infection?

When things do go bad and out of control, we turn to antibiotics to save the day. But that is not the case these days with “The Rise of Super Bugs” like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which can be lethal if the modern drugs fail.

Some sinus infections can be a result of Staphylococcus infection, which enters the nasal passages through damages mucous membranes. Your Doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition, but what if that doesn’t work?

After doing some research into Silica we thought we’d look at a novel approach at killing staph and strep using “Alka-hydroxy” or modified liquid silica. It was quite surprising to read how effective the Silica was against several organisms including Staph, Strep, and E-Coli.

The 2006 research study conducted by Texas Tech University looked the effectiveness of killing bacteria such as Staph, Strep, and E-Coli with different dilutions of modified liquid silica. The results looked great and Professor Jeter concluded that the “Modified Liquid Silica” inhibited the growth of all bacteria tested at all concentrations.

It raises the idea that “Modified Liquid Silica” could be a novel approach to treating difficult or drug-resistant bacterial infections. It may be worth further investigation especially with the advent of modern superbugs. Be sure to chat to see your Doctor if you have an infection that’s not healing ASAP.

New Activated Silica
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