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The Foundation of Life and Love

The Foundation of Life and Love ???

It’s been a wild, awesome (and sometimes scary) ride over the past four years since I founded Grasses of Life Superfoods. From the early beginnings when all we had were 12 bottles of stock, some home-made labels and no idea who would buy our products to the amazing business it is today.

Grasses of Life began as a vision that was inspired by my love of Nutritious Grasses, like Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa Grass and Aloe Vera (yes, it’s a grass too!) to a complete range of healing foods.

I feel passionate about nutritional grasses! I believe that they are the foundation to life as they feed much of the world and hold the soil place allowing life to take root ???

I am grateful and honored to have birthed Grasses of Life as it has given so much to so many. It has provided jobs, education, knowledge and nutrition that has helped change lives and connected people together in community.

I love that it has helped me to grow and stretch myself beyond what I thought was possible and to meet the love of my life, Julia (aka Hulo).

I had been running the business on my own for a long time and I am excited to share with you that gorgeous Julia has now joined the team ?

As my partner in Life and Business, she and I are the Custodians of the wonderful Grasses of Life.

It brings my heart so much joy to be co-creating with her and to have her gorgeous feminine energy and balance in the business as well as her unique talents and gifts.

I love that we can share this experience together and that Julia loves our products as much as I do! She looks forward to meeting you ?

A huge heart felt thank to our customers (and a massive cyber bear hug) for your love and support, we look forward to connecting with you in 2018!

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Can I Take Probiotics with Anti-Biotics?

So can You Take Probiotics while taking Anti-Biotics? The Answer is Yes! This would have to be one of the biggest myths around. It doesn't make sense to wait until you finish the antibiotic medicine while your good beneficial bacteria are being decimated! 

We used to believe that taking a probiotic would result in the death of the good bacteria we are adding in. Researchers have given this the big thumbs up to adding additional probiotic bacteria during treatment, going as far assaying that it will actually reduce the side effects of the Anti-Biotics, such as diarrhoea and harmful effects on the gut bacteria. 

You're not wasting your money, researchers now suggest that we should take a probiotic during anti-biotic treatment.

Probiotic Bacteria are necessary to maintain great health. Bacteria aid our Metabolism, help reduce pathogen colonization, aid gut health, make vitamins like B12 and aid the immune system as well as many other health benefits. 

It's probably one of those important health habits that you can do for life... "Add Beneficial Bacteria to Your Diet" every single day!


What Can You Do to Help Re-balance Your Gut?

One of the fastest way to help re-balance your gut starts with the diet. For centuries fermented foods have played a critical role as a staple food in many cultures. Well before we knew about the benefits of fermented foods, consumption dates back as far as 6000 B.C. It was used as a way of preserving food long before fridges and modern preservatives.  

We now know that Fermented Foods contain all natural bacteria that help to support normal digestive function. Ironically our ancestors consumed probiotic foods daily. Now we are lucky if we eat any at all in our diets.

Fermented Probiotic Foods

Naturally Fermented Foods You Can Add to Your Daily Routine.

Superbiotic Grasses Concentrate 600mls Fermented Probiotic
Grasses of Life PapayaPlus with Green Tea and Chilli
Activated Fermented Turmeric

The Warning Signs You Need Probiotics!

Probiotic Bacteria Small

You may not know you need probiotic so this list might help you.

  • Recent Antibiotics Use
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Sugar Consumption (cravings)
  • Recent Illness 
  • Smelly Gas / Wind / Bloating
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Chrohns Disease
  • IBD

Want more? Then ask our Naturopath Scott for Help!

Work with Naturopath Scott

Hi I'm Naturopath/ Nutritionist Scott Collins,  I have helped hundreds of people in the last 11 years. What I have found is that the right strategy can help "Fast Track" results than by going it alone.

If you want to get more results with your nutrition click on the link and book a live video consultation with me.

My aim is to help provide a personal strategy just for you and discover what you want to achieve. 

Breaking News "You Can Take Probiotics with Anti-Biotics

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Are Hidden Toxins Disrupting Hormones

Are Hidden Toxins & Heavy Metals Disrupting Hormones

By Scott Collins Naturopath and Founder of Grasses of Life

It could be said that hormones are both friend and foe and when these chemical messengers aren’t playing nice can make life a living hell. Probably the most common hormone experience for women is that of their monthly cycle. Being male I can only speak of the suffering I have observed in women, whose lives are paralyzed for a few days each month or those who experience a life time of suffering.

In my case I went searching for more answers when a close friend suddenly experienced immobilizing pain and cramping more so than ever before. I went looking beyond the surface into an area which I focus a lot on my practice “Heavy Metals and Endocrine Disruptors”.

We call these effects of Environmental Toxins "Endocrine Disruptors. They can be found in all areas of life from plastics (Bisphenol A), Insecticides chemicals found in cosmetics called pthalates, parabens and heavy metals.

Endocrine Disruptors

In 2002 the World Health Organization (WHO) defined endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), as “an exogenous substance or mixture that alters functions of the endocrine system and consequently causes adverse health effects in an intact organism, or its progeny, or (sub)populations.” (WHO, 2002)

Heavy Metal Endocrine Disruptors


Cadmium is a heavy metal that is found commonly in industrial applications and in more recent times is now found in many areas of modern living.  Cadmium is considered to a highly toxic element which accumulates in the body such as the ovaries, testes, kidneys, and in the bones.  Many reproductive issues are associated to problems in the ovaries and testes.

Cadmium is also known to affect the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Prolactin, of significant note is that cadmium was shown to reduce Progesterone production from the ovaries.  Researchers have also indicated that Cadmium can mimic eostrogen in the body, have an estrogenic affect


Lead is a heavy metal that is found is exhaust fumes, contaminated water, old pipes, potter glazes and in old paints.

Lead exposure produces a wide range of adverse effects on human health, effects such as anemia, psychological disorders, peripheral neuropathy, nephropathy, and abdominal colic (WHO, 1995) Lead affects hormones through it's neurological affects on the brains endocrine signalling such as the Hypothalamus. . 

Lead has also been shown to affect follicle development and maturation in the ovaries which may in turn affect natural fertility and the menstrual cycle. In men it has been shown to reduce testosterone levels and increase reproductive toxicity.

We have only discussed two metals and after the hundreds of tests we have performed there is massive evidence in the scientific community to clearly demonstrate the connection between metals, hormones disruption and fertility issues.


Oligoscan Heavy Metal Test Scan

Female Patient with known reproductive and period issues.

Oligoscan Heavy Metals Analysis

Male Patient with Known Reproductive Issues.

Oligoscan Heavy Metals Analysis Male Patient Elevated Lead Levels


Grab a Hair Mineral Metal Test Kit - It Takes Seconds and It's Done in the Privacy of Your Own Home!


Superbiotic Daily Green Boost

Superbiotic Grasses and Daily Greens Boost

Calcium Bentonite Green Living Clay

Ultra Pure Very Fine Bentonite Clay
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The Healing Desert Clays

Healing Bentonite Clay

As a Naturopath, "I love" bentonite clay both as an internal cleanser and topically for a variety of skin conditions.

Clays are used throughout the world for their healing properties and bentonite clay is one of the most common forms of green healing clay's. The use of clay's because of its natural healing properties was common practice by the originals of North America. These Ancient Civilizations used natural bentonite clay as a food, for body purification, healing and in spiritual practices.

Benotnite clay is truly remarkable even used to help protect against radiation when applied topically to the skin. It has been reported that Russian scientists have worn it to reduce the harmful effects of radiation.

Detoxification: Many authors report using Bentonite Clay to assist in detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins. They report adding a 1 teaspoon of clay to water

According to Eytons Earth:

A True Healing Bentonite Clay has "Absorptive Properties while being pH balanced and with a negative ionic charge".

Using an uncontaminated green healing clay internally can be advantageous for general health. Traditionally, only small amounts of hydrated clay are required to achieve the following benefits:

  • Detoxification of the digestive system (the sorptive action of clay pulls contaminants from the body)

  • Bacterial, organic and non-organic toxicity

  • Elimination of internal parasites ( digestive tracts )

  • Immune System Support ( clay used internally stimulates the body's elimination system and supports organ function )

  • Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream ( occurs once the liver has been restored to full function )

  • Increases T-cell count

  • Fights free radicals

What's The Research Says?

A recent study found that bentonite clay was able to assist in the removal from aflatoxins (Aka toxins made by mold and fungi that are found in contaminated foods) from feed fed to piglets. It was like the bentonite pulled out or sequestered the toxins from the body. Quang Et al 2008 Trop Anim Health 40:649-656
Removal of Fluoride From Drinking Water: Bentonite clay was shown to remove between 38-46% of fluoride from drinking water. Srimurali et al 1998 Environmental Pollution Vol 99 2:285-589
Reduced Soil Contamination: Heavy Metals are found naturally in our environment some foods like mushrooms grown in these soils can see heavy metals like cadmium be taken up into the food as it grows. Adding bentonite clay to the substrate or growing medium (soil) can reduce heavy metal sorption by the plant. Liu et al 2015 Env Sci Pollut Res 22:17182-17191

Detoxifying Face Mask with Naturopath Scott Collins

Get the worlds best "Ultra Pure" Detoxifying Bentonite Clay

Natural Green Living Bentonite Clay from Deep Under Ground in Death Valley USA

Super Fine "No Grit" Premium Grade

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