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New Organic Daily Greens Boost – Super Greens

The Next Green Revolution is Here!

After the initial shock of COVIDITY life appears to be now settling down into some semblance of normality. During the crazy that ensued and the all fear, we made the decision to make Grasses of Life products from local aussie ingredients where possible.

This inspired a lengthy search far and wide to find the best local Australian ingredients. What we found was super exciting, especially as a nation knowing that we can survive and thrive in a dystopic world. 

If there was a time to scream Ozi Ozi Ozi, it’s right now, as we are proud and excited to bring you the inspired and re-invented Certified Organic Daily Greens Boost.  What has been a very much loved product is now 100% Australian Grown, 100% Certified Organic by the OFC (Organic Food Chain) and made right here too.

We really feel we’ve nailed it with the Daily Greens Boost, as it has an awesome clean green fresh taste complete with the essential nutrients your body craves. You can never be sure how a product is going to taste until you make it. After years of experience, we had a feel for what will work.

As you may have noticed we are called Grasses of Life; as nutritional grasses feature heavily in our products, like aloe, wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa grass.  Grasses take centre stage here because of their nutritional density and the diversity of nutrients within the plants.

So let me introduce you to the re-formulated 100% Aussie Grown Super Food – Daily Greens Boost.  

Made with 100% Australian Grown & Certified Organic Ingredients: Barley Grass, Alfalfa Grass, Wheat Grass, Apple Powder, Pre-biotic Resitent Starch from Green Banana, Broccoli Powder, Brusel Sprout, and Hand Cut Deep Sea Tasmanian Kelp.

The Daily Greens Boost was designed to help to supply essential nutrients for energy production, assisting to aid cleansing the body and with essential pre-biotic fibre for a healthy gut.  We also wanted it to be 100% local so you know that it will be available all year round even during COVIDITY.

It's available from select health stores in Queensland and via our online store. 

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Take The Heavy Metal Toxicity Quiz!

Heavy Metal Toxicity Quiz 2.0

​From deep within a silent intruder slowly erodes away at the immune system, laying havoc to the nervous system, disrupting normal gut function and steadily influencing the endocrine system . Heavy metals are very small particles that build up over time.

The more processed foods you consume, if you smoke or inhale second hand smoke, the city you live in and the water you drink all play a role in the toxic accumulation of heavy metals. The irony being that even a healthy organic diet may not be enough anymore. Industry, agricultural practices, mining are having an impact upon all facets of life.  

It's now more important than ever to add more superfoods nutrients to​ the diet just to offset each

​The strategy which ​we employ is:

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