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Superbiotic Grasses – 1 Product 5 Benefits

Grasses of Life Superbiotic Grasses

​The Secret Super Food Life Hack!

Scott Collins Medical Medium / Naturopath

As the Naturopath with Grasses of Life, I Love Grasses and I love Fermented Foods. Organic Superbiotic Grasses is one of the world’s best kept nutritional secrets. OMG, is the best way to describe it. When you take a closer look it gets exciting, it's a fermented probiotic food, it's a multi-vitamin, an anti-oxidant, a source of Chlorophyll, a source of minerals, an energy food, helps wake up digestion and aids detoxification.

I get animated about Fermented foods because foods are transformed making it easier for our digestive systems to suck up the essential nutrients. In our modern world busy lives and stress disrupt how the gut works, making it sluggish. This is where fermented foods really make a difference. The nutrients have been broken down for fast absorption.

Now add in some Super food Grasses to the Mix and my nutrition nerd gets really excited. Not only are we getting a whole bunch or predigested super nutrients to help power our day, we are helping our guts, our liver and our brains too. Yummmmmmm

​You’ll notice it’s quite sour and this is too has a benefit. Sour tells the body to get ready for food… And before you go YUK, know that sour is like a massive kick start for your digestion.

By the way if you react to sour, it usually tells me that you have too much sweet in diet.

If you would like more help, book in an online appointment with Scott

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Me & the Bees, My Life and Thiers

In the not to distant future, I sit in my old arm chair looking out the port hole of the spacecraft I call home. As I reflect upon a time when I lived on a planet called Earth.  Inside the metal life raft I yearn to feel the wind and crave the coolness of the ocean as it laps my skin or even the smell of trees filling my senses. 

I also reflect on the many chances we had and the countless opportunities to avoid a future where we had to leave our home, Earth. What if we had listened, what if we had made other choices. I still see the potential in humanity and I still know we will get it right and come together as a collective.

We are interdependent on all the inhabitants of earth to thrive and survive. And then there are the bees, gorgeous buzzing, incrediblelife-giving Bees. I just love bees, however knowing they’re in peril from humanactivity is well, “Heart Breaking”. Is moment right now a chance, an opportunity for me and you to live and thrive on mother Earth.  

What if Bees, are the canary inthe coal mine.  It’s like our early warning system has been activated and we have been given notice of imminent danger. Dramatic as it sounds, I feel much of what is causing illness in beesis making us sick, the toxic sprays and chemicals used in farming. Unlike humans,Bees are not as resilient. We can live decades before the effects toxicaccumulation start to show. 

It’s the resilience of humans that slows change down. Why? Because the direct effects of eating foods laden with sprays/chemicals make take decades to show. Just look at DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) a pesticide from the 1940’s is still wreaking havoc in our food chain 70+ yearslater. It was banned in the 80’s yet is still found in animals and in humans. 

Our plight as healthy humans is directly connected to the humble bee. Like them we are affected by what’s in our food and environment. You may not see a direct correlation, but the bees are showing us.

Choose organic produce over non, choose chemical free personal care products, and resist using sprays and insecticides/pesticides in your own garden. Consumer power rules in our world, so vote wisely.

As veteran health practitioner, I now test all my patients for heavy metals and recommend adding detox foods to your diet. (See below) This is essential until we change our chemically driven world. 

Grab Your Detox Kit 

Superbiotic Daily Greens Superbiotic Grasses Combo Pack
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3 Common Misconceptions about Heartburn/Acid Re-flux

Heal Heart Burn, Reflux and Indegestion

Do you or a loved one suffer Heartburn or Acid Re-flux?

It feels like an acidic burn sitting in your stomach or chest. It can even feel sickly as it works its way up to the throat and in many cases, is quite painful

People find this happens after excess alcohol consumption, eating a large meal, or going to bed too soon after a meal.

Acid Re-flux can be caused by over-eating, consuming foods that are high in sugar, too much coffee, citrus fruits, alcohol (particularly red wine) or even chocolate.

As a former sufferer, I know how horribly uncomfortable it feels. I used to rely on popping 'Quickeze' and 'Mylanta' which reduced some of the symptoms, but did nothing to resolve the issue long term.

My problem became so serious that I went to see a Gastroenterologist who said I had to be medicated for life!

Can you imagine???

That was not the answer I wanted to hear. I said “no” to the medication and began to change my diet and heal my Gut, for good.

I am now 100% symptom free!

I want to share with you some common misconceptions that may be able to support you or your loved one in becoming symptom-free as well, for good.

1. People with Heartburn/Re-flux often misunderstand how serious this health issue is.

Un/mistreated, this can potentially lead to stomach ulcers, scar tissue that blocks the oesophagus and can even increase the risk of cancer of the throat or stomach.

2. Self-Medication is only symptomatic!

As a Naturopath/Nutritionist I have noticed that people often self-diagnose and self-medicate with over-the-counter-medication and this is not always appropriate. In fact, these medications are only symptomatic.

Make sure you see a health care professional who can diagnose the issue.

3. Heartburn/Re-flux can be a result of EITHER excess OR in-excess of gut acid production.

For example…
When the acid is in excess, it creates a condition called hyperchlorhydria. Normally the pH will return to normal after a couple of hours post eating. In this condition, the stomach remains overly acidic outside of meal times, causing irritation and inflammation.

Alternatively, when your stomach acid is low it can also do damage. The food breaks down too slowly after a meal. This causes the food contents/acids to rise towards the oesophagus, causing irritation and inflammation. Even though the acid is low for effective digestion, its still acidic enough to irritate the oesophagus or the throat.

In conditions of low acid, over-the-counter-medications which are designed to reduce acid may NOT the best option!!!

As a Naturopath/Nutritionist, I want to let you know about my personally designed Gut Food Product that I wish was around when I needed it!

Grasses of Life Pre-biotic Gut Food has been formulated to fuel your friendly gut bacteria. It's all natural and good for any tummy!

It was designed to support healing and soothing the inflamed areas and to reduce symptoms of Acid re-flux/Heart Burn.

It contains real foods such as Marshmallow Root, fermented L-Glutamine, Slippery Elm, Inulin (from artichoke) and Aloe Vera (with no preservatives, flavours or colours) and is vegan friendly!

If you experience Re-flux or heartburn, we invite you to give your GUT some “tender loving care”!

For the remainder of January, whilst we are all getting back on track with our healthy food choices, Grasses of Life are offering* 2x Gut Food for $ FREE shipping!!!

That's a saving of $25!!!

Follow this link for some relief and a much happier tummy

Shop Now for Pre-Biotic GutFood

*offer lasts until 31st Jan and dependent on stock availability.

Cheers, Scott.

Pre-biotic Gut Food
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The Foundation of Life and Love

The Foundation of Life and Love ???

It’s been a wild, awesome (and sometimes scary) ride over the past four years since I founded Grasses of Life Superfoods. From the early beginnings when all we had were 12 bottles of stock, some home-made labels and no idea who would buy our products to the amazing business it is today.

Grasses of Life began as a vision that was inspired by my love of Nutritious Grasses, like Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa Grass and Aloe Vera (yes, it’s a grass too!) to a complete range of healing foods.

I feel passionate about nutritional grasses! I believe that they are the foundation to life as they feed much of the world and hold the soil place allowing life to take root ???

I am grateful and honored to have birthed Grasses of Life as it has given so much to so many. It has provided jobs, education, knowledge and nutrition that has helped change lives and connected people together in community.

I love that it has helped me to grow and stretch myself beyond what I thought was possible and to meet the love of my life, Julia (aka Hulo).

I had been running the business on my own for a long time and I am excited to share with you that gorgeous Julia has now joined the team ?

As my partner in Life and Business, she and I are the Custodians of the wonderful Grasses of Life.

It brings my heart so much joy to be co-creating with her and to have her gorgeous feminine energy and balance in the business as well as her unique talents and gifts.

I love that we can share this experience together and that Julia loves our products as much as I do! She looks forward to meeting you ?

A huge heart felt thank to our customers (and a massive cyber bear hug) for your love and support, we look forward to connecting with you in 2018!

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