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pH Alkaline Water To Treat Reflux – What The?

pH Alkaline Water Could be an Adjunct Treatment of Reflux Heartburn

What if simply by drinking alkaline water could be the simplest way to treat reflux?

 It sounds crazy but the research is very interesting let me tell you.  Prior to becoming a Naturopath I was diagnosed with (GERD) or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease at the age of 25.  I was in a lot of trouble back then and needed to be medicated daily to control my symptoms. It was quite horrible and I am sure those of you who are GERD sufferers, your with me on that one. So you can imagine my delight to discover research suggesting that water that has been pH modified can assist in reducing the symptoms of GERD.

Firstly, lets look at what all the fuss is about. Simply put GERD is when the acidic contents of the stomach flow backwards causing oesophageal tissue irritation, which can be painful. The real concern is that over time this can lead to potential cancerous changes in the oesophagus. So it’s essential that we stop these acids from back flowing.

Lets get back to the research, what they found is that water with a pH of 8.8 could reduce pepsin (a protease enzyme that breaks down proteins). The problem with pepsin it’s great in your gut but not in the soft tissues of your throat. The researchers suggest that damage done by GERD is not from acidity rather from the pepsin enzyme irritating your soft tissues. 

They concluded that through altering the diet and with the addition of Alkaline water, pepsin became inactive, along with a reduction in HCL acidity too. This lead them to further conclude that Alkaline water a useful and safe way to treat reflux disease. To me this is pretty cool, as I used to suck down a ant-acids just to cope. No I wonder what else is possible? 

*Koufman and Johnson, Potential Benefits of pH 8.8 Alkaline Drinking Water as an Adjunct in the Treatment of Reflux Disease, July 2012, The Annals of otology, rhinology, and laryngology 121(7):431-4

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How Your Busy Lifestyle if Stuffing Your Gut!

How Your Busy Lifestyle if Stuffing Your Gut!

An Article By Scott Collins Naturopath

It’s no surprise to discover that our nutrition is only as good as what we put into our body and how it’s absorbed. Guess what? Our modern busy lives are F**king things up.  You many not want to hear this but if there is any kind of stress, fatigue or even overactive mind our digestive system is most likely under functioning reducing essential nutrient absorption.

Our body are basically in “Flight or Flight” as if there are dinosaurs chasing us, with the truth more likely being bills and life shit.  Living  in the western world means we’ll need a lot more help getting the best from our food.

The question is what can we do until you can get the theoretical dinosaur off your ass? Well it’s time to get excited, especially if you are looking to get so much more from your nutrition.

What if we could transform foods to make the more valuable to the body and more efficient for our guts to absorb.  You may have never heard of the term “Biotransformation” but it’s how we can get more bang for our nutritional buck. It’s process of making a food increasingly more valuable to the body and as the ancients called it “fermentation.

Fermentation has been going on for thousands of years and now through recent research we now understand the process of “Biotransformation”. Researchers argue that fermented foods can positively influence mental health, reduce gut inflammation and reduce oxidative stress and affect our overall well being.

Biotransformation also means that the nutrients become more available akin to being pre-digested (or less effort) required by the body to break it down. The bacteria within the fermentation process are the secret weapon. By feeding on the plants carbohydrate sugars, they are beneficially breaking down the foods for easier nutrient absorption and digestion.

There was time prior to modern refrigeration where approximately 30% of the human diet was complemented by daily consumption of fermented foods. Now it’s sparse and needing a significant boost. Westernization, stress, high sugar, high fat diets are impacting our health and it’s time to go back to basics and give our guts much needed support and beneficial bacteria.

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A Novel Approach to Killing Staphylococcus Infections

A novel approach to treating Staphylococcus infections

Scott Collins Naturopath

If you have ever had a chronic (long term) sinus infection you would know how painful and tender it can be. What if there was a silent invader or bacterium perpetuating the problem? One such cause of sinus infection can be from a staph infection?

When things do go bad and out of control, we turn to antibiotics to save the day. But that is not the case these days with “The Rise of Super Bugs” like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which can be lethal if the modern drugs fail.

Some sinus infections can be a result of Staphylococcus infection, which enters the nasal passages through damages mucous membranes. Your Doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition, but what if that doesn’t work?

After doing some research into Silica we thought we’d look at a novel approach at killing staph and strep using “Alka-hydroxy” or modified liquid silica. It was quite surprising to read how effective the Silica was against several organisms including Staph, Strep, and E-Coli.

The 2006 research study conducted by Texas Tech University looked the effectiveness of killing bacteria such as Staph, Strep, and E-Coli with different dilutions of modified liquid silica. The results looked great and Professor Jeter concluded that the “Modified Liquid Silica” inhibited the growth of all bacteria tested at all concentrations.

It raises the idea that “Modified Liquid Silica” could be a novel approach to treating difficult or drug-resistant bacterial infections. It may be worth further investigation especially with the advent of modern superbugs. Be sure to chat to see your Doctor if you have an infection that’s not healing ASAP.

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Breast Cancer & The Connection to Aluminium

Breast Cancer and Aluminium

It wasn’t until human activities through industrialization and mining that aluminium started to become a problem. Let’s face it, the stuff is everywhere and it’s dangerous!  Aluminium is in our food chain, medicines, house hold products, cosmetics and personal care products and has also contaminated our waterways.

We are aware of the more common negative health effects of Aluminium such as Alzheimer’s disease, we also know that Aluminium toxicity can lead to lead to fractures, hypoparathyroidism and anemia. You may also be surprised to find there is growing concern about Aluminium and a connection to Breast Cancer?  

Breast cancer is a multi factorial disease with many causes, more recently studies are now suggesting Aluminium toxicity can be a serious risk factor in the development of the disease. Recent research is now warning that women should avoid the use of underarm products containing Aluminium.  

We also know that Aluminium is considered a metalloestrogen (or oestrogen mimic/influences)  and disrupts hormones and further warrants caution. The bottom line is that the science isn’t clear, but women with Breast cancer have shown higher levels of Aluminium in their tissues.

We have seen via our test records that nearly all test participants have high to elevated levels. Which suggests that Aluminium is a larger issue that we are being told, however more research is still required to fully understand the impacts. 

We can be proactive by eliminating all personal care products containing Aluminium, aluminium cookware, food foil, and those foods listed below or try to buy organic whole foods. According to Food Standards Australia the major route of exposure is via our food supply. Foods such processed foods or foods with additives, foods with leavening agents (muffins, sponge cakes, pikelets, crumbed chicken takeaway, baked goods), prunes, prune juice and noodles were rated with the highest levels.

Minerals like Silica can be beneficial in reducing Aluminium levels as Silicates are known to compete with Aluminium in the body. Studies have found that increased dietary Silica was associated with reduced risk of dementia.  Silica is naturally found in spring water (not treated with Aluminium) and some foods like horsetail but do your research or seek professional advice.

Want more help? You can contact our Naturopath to make an appointment 

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