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The Healing Desert Clays

Healing Bentonite Clay

As a Naturopath, "I love" bentonite clay both as an internal cleanser and topically for a variety of skin conditions.

Clays are used throughout the world for their healing properties and bentonite clay is one of the most common forms of green healing clay's. The use of clay's because of its natural healing properties was common practice by the originals of North America. These Ancient Civilizations used natural bentonite clay as a food, for body purification, healing and in spiritual practices.

Benotnite clay is truly remarkable even used to help protect against radiation when applied topically to the skin. It has been reported that Russian scientists have worn it to reduce the harmful effects of radiation.

Detoxification: Many authors report using Bentonite Clay to assist in detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins. They report adding a 1 teaspoon of clay to water

According to Eytons Earth:

A True Healing Bentonite Clay has "Absorptive Properties while being pH balanced and with a negative ionic charge".

Using an uncontaminated green healing clay internally can be advantageous for general health. Traditionally, only small amounts of hydrated clay are required to achieve the following benefits:

  • Detoxification of the digestive system (the sorptive action of clay pulls contaminants from the body)

  • Bacterial, organic and non-organic toxicity

  • Elimination of internal parasites ( digestive tracts )

  • Immune System Support ( clay used internally stimulates the body's elimination system and supports organ function )

  • Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream ( occurs once the liver has been restored to full function )

  • Increases T-cell count

  • Fights free radicals

What's The Research Says?

A recent study found that bentonite clay was able to assist in the removal from aflatoxins (Aka toxins made by mold and fungi that are found in contaminated foods) from feed fed to piglets. It was like the bentonite pulled out or sequestered the toxins from the body. Quang Et al 2008 Trop Anim Health 40:649-656
Removal of Fluoride From Drinking Water: Bentonite clay was shown to remove between 38-46% of fluoride from drinking water. Srimurali et al 1998 Environmental Pollution Vol 99 2:285-589
Reduced Soil Contamination: Heavy Metals are found naturally in our environment some foods like mushrooms grown in these soils can see heavy metals like cadmium be taken up into the food as it grows. Adding bentonite clay to the substrate or growing medium (soil) can reduce heavy metal sorption by the plant. Liu et al 2015 Env Sci Pollut Res 22:17182-17191

Detoxifying Face Mask with Naturopath Scott Collins

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The Nutrition Power of Barley Grass

Barley Green Barley Grass

The Superfood You Haven’t Heard of & Your Body Needs it!

Your body is going to love this superfood and its jam packed with nutrients your body will absolutely “Love”.  It’s so famous its mentioned in the bible and yet gets overlooked by many in favour of exotic South American products and is far more economical with a massive nutrient hit.

If you are getting excited right now like I am, well it’s time to get a life or you’re just a superfood nut like me. I fell in love with Barley Grass over 6 years ago and have not looked back.Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Barely Grass has been a part of human nutrition for thousands of years being consumed as a grain rather than the pure rich grass. Grasses contain many wonderful nutrients, which lay within the grass; before the nutrients are consumed as the plant transforms into the grain. That’s why it’s crucial to harvest the grasses prior the development of the grain.

More recently in the 20th century Japanese researchers discovered how to turn Barely Grass into a nutrient dense super food powder. This meant we are now able to enjoy the nutrient benefits of the grasses and it too is an important step in preserving the nutritional value of the grass.

Barley Grass Powder is super easy to use just throw it into water, juice or a smoothie and you are going to get a nutrient power hit in seconds. Just check out the facts below.


Barley Nutritional Facts:

Amino Acids: Barley Grass is a complete source of plant based amino acids

Carotene (Pro Vitamin A): Naturally protects cells from “Free Radical Damage”. Increases natural immune defenses

Superoxide Dismutase: is a powerful anti-oxidant and may assist in reducing inflammation, and protecting cells.

Chlorophyll:  may help rejuvenate red blood cells, reduce body odor, kidney function, immunity, metabolism and skin.


B Group Vitamins:  

Vitamin B1: for energy, adrenal health, mental performance, immunity and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin B2: blood cell production, eye health, immunity, metabolism, energy, collagen and mental function.

Vitamin B3: Digestive function,  eyes, hearing, immunity, energy, blood sugar regulation, stress, skin health and mental health.

Vitamin B5: Adrenal health, anti-aging, bowel health,  hair loss, immunity, metabolism, energy production, muscles, and depression.

Vitamin B6: Anti-aging, cardiovascular health, hearing, tinnitus, kidney function, eye health, hair, skin, immunity, liver health, muscular function nervous system function and sexual function.

Vitamin B12:  Anti-aging, cardiovascular function, red blood cell production, digestive health, liver function, eye health,  immunity, energy, muscles, oral health, respiratory function, sexual function and skin.

Vitamin C: Anti-oxidant, anti-aging, cardiovascular health, skin, collagen, eye health, nervous system, protection against toxins and cell health.

Vitamin E: Anti-oxidant, anti-aging, cardiovascular health, cell health, protects chromosomes, digestive health, hearing, kidney health, hair, immunity, increased athletic performance, muscular health, respiratory health, sexual function and skin.

Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium,  Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper and Zinc


Barley Grass Research:

Barley Grass may help to prevent Atherosclerosis (due to the Antioxidant actions of the 2’-o-glycosylisovitexin content of Barley Grass).  Carstens, J.  Barley grass:  always greener.  Nature & Health.  21(6):80-81, 2000.

Barley Grass may protect the body’s Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) from mutations during the meiotic division phase of Cell division. Hotta, Y., et al.  Studies on the components in barley extracts stimulation of DNA repair in human cultured cells (Report).  Annual Meeting of Japan Pharmaceutical Sciences.  April 1982.

Barley Grass may be useful for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (due to its anti-inflammatory properties). Cremer, L., et al.  A purified green barley extract with modulatory properties upon TNF alpha and ROS released by human specialised cells isolated from RA patients.  Roum Arch Microbiol Immunol.  57(3-4):231-242, 1998.

Superbiotic Grasses Fermented Grasses

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Fresh Wheat Grass
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Aloe vera Miracle Plant

Aloe Vera Juice Powder

If you had to fall in love with a plant "Aloe barbadenis" or Aloe Vera would Be at the Top of My List of Super Foods. 

The Power of Aloe Vera Juice

Scott Collins Nutritionist & Health Author

Unless you wear a cape and your undies on the outside of your trousers you may have had to use Aloe vera. This powerful little Super Food has been used since antiquity to aid with fever, burns, wounds, cuts and bumps. It’s highly likely that you have too, especially after enjoying too much Sun.

So Aloes healing properties may not be news to you!

The big question is how does Aloe vera do what it does, what’s it’s cool little secret? It’s almost like it was made specifically to take care of mankind both in inside and the out. What’s even more curious is that it’s 99% Water.  

The real power from Aloe vera comes from very specialized sugars called “polysaccharides”. This is where it packs its punch. When going 10 rounds with injury and Illness you might want to have this little guy on hand.

More recently researchers have shown that Aloe vera is immune stimulating, showing antiviral and antitumor properties.  Our fabulous slimy green friend is noted as a potent anti-oxidant, studies have revealed that it can help to increase levels of some really awesome anti-oxidants in the body like “Glutathione Peroxidase and Superoxide Dismutase”. Not sure of all the fancy words, let’s just say I’m impressed as these anti-oxidants are really powerful and aid in protecting the body.

As incredible as it may seem we still have more to cover on our Aloe vera Journey.  Before you say DOH! Aloe vera has amazing anti-inflammatory activity, in tech talk it basically reduces “Prostaglandins” or inflammation causing chemicals which helps to reduce swelling.  So much so that it may benefit people with gastric ulcers. The same anti-inflammatory actions are believed to help heal ulcers through reducing inflammation and healing the mucous membranes in the gut.

When I think of healing the gut Aloe would be a suitable food to add to the diet. In our modern world we have seen a sharp rise in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Chrohns Diease, Colitis, Coeliac Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

It’s imply astounding that a plant that’s mostly water is so incredible, whats makes even more so is making sure you buy one with adequate “polysaccharide” levels.

Let me leave you with this saying ”Take of Your Gut and It Take Care of You!”


Enjoy The Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

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Aloe Plus 3 Pack - 100 Gram Aloe vera Juice Concentrate

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Aloe Plus 3 Pack Aloe Juice Powder

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Floramin Plant Derived Minerals


FLORAMIN provides almost every conceivable mineral andtrace element in an organic, colloidal form. Floramin is a blend of Austrian Alpine moor minerals and seaminerals, with natural citrus extract.  The synergistsic combination of these natural mineral  sources ensures that all of nature’s elements are present, and  provides for a higher concentration of the commonly occurring minerals. It also creates a synergy that allows the full spectrum of minerals present to ‘help ’ the others to work effectively; this means that only very small concentrations are necessary. It is important to note that organic minerals do not cause a storage problem within the body, as only those that the body requires are utilised, with the remainder being excreted.
Continue reading Floramin Plant Derived Minerals

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