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A Novel Approach to Killing Staphylococcus Infections

A novel approach to treating Staphylococcus infections

Scott Collins Naturopath

If you have ever had a chronic (long term) sinus infection you would know how painful and tender it can be. What if there was a silent invader or bacterium perpetuating the problem? One such cause of sinus infection can be from a staph infection?

When things do go bad and out of control, we turn to antibiotics to save the day. But that is not the case these days with “The Rise of Super Bugs” like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which can be lethal if the modern drugs fail.

Some sinus infections can be a result of Staphylococcus infection, which enters the nasal passages through damages mucous membranes. Your Doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition, but what if that doesn’t work?

After doing some research into Silica we thought we’d look at a novel approach at killing staph and strep using “Alka-hydroxy” or modified liquid silica. It was quite surprising to read how effective the Silica was against several organisms including Staph, Strep, and E-Coli.

The 2006 research study conducted by Texas Tech University looked the effectiveness of killing bacteria such as Staph, Strep, and E-Coli with different dilutions of modified liquid silica. The results looked great and Professor Jeter concluded that the “Modified Liquid Silica” inhibited the growth of all bacteria tested at all concentrations.

It raises the idea that “Modified Liquid Silica” could be a novel approach to treating difficult or drug-resistant bacterial infections. It may be worth further investigation especially with the advent of modern superbugs. Be sure to chat to see your Doctor if you have an infection that’s not healing ASAP.

New Activated Silica
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Breast Cancer & The Connection to Aluminium

Breast Cancer and Aluminium

It wasn’t until human activities through industrialization and mining that aluminium started to become a problem. Let’s face it, the stuff is everywhere and it’s dangerous!  Aluminium is in our food chain, medicines, house hold products, cosmetics and personal care products and has also contaminated our waterways.

We are aware of the more common negative health effects of Aluminium such as Alzheimer’s disease, we also know that Aluminium toxicity can lead to lead to fractures, hypoparathyroidism and anemia. You may also be surprised to find there is growing concern about Aluminium and a connection to Breast Cancer?  

Breast cancer is a multi factorial disease with many causes, more recently studies are now suggesting Aluminium toxicity can be a serious risk factor in the development of the disease. Recent research is now warning that women should avoid the use of underarm products containing Aluminium.  

We also know that Aluminium is considered a metalloestrogen (or oestrogen mimic/influences)  and disrupts hormones and further warrants caution. The bottom line is that the science isn’t clear, but women with Breast cancer have shown higher levels of Aluminium in their tissues.

We have seen via our test records that nearly all test participants have high to elevated levels. Which suggests that Aluminium is a larger issue that we are being told, however more research is still required to fully understand the impacts. 

We can be proactive by eliminating all personal care products containing Aluminium, aluminium cookware, food foil, and those foods listed below or try to buy organic whole foods. According to Food Standards Australia the major route of exposure is via our food supply. Foods such processed foods or foods with additives, foods with leavening agents (muffins, sponge cakes, pikelets, crumbed chicken takeaway, baked goods), prunes, prune juice and noodles were rated with the highest levels.

Minerals like Silica can be beneficial in reducing Aluminium levels as Silicates are known to compete with Aluminium in the body. Studies have found that increased dietary Silica was associated with reduced risk of dementia.  Silica is naturally found in spring water (not treated with Aluminium) and some foods like horsetail but do your research or seek professional advice.

Want more help? You can contact our Naturopath to make an appointment 

New Activated Silica
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Are You Peanuts!

Peanuts Contain Cadmium

Heavy Metal Avoidance Tip #6 - Peanuts!

Do You Love Peanuts! Well it may be time to think again?

Peanuts are well known to contain the heavy metal cadmium and in past decades have contained unsafe levels. More recently government and industry have been working together to monitor and manage cadmium in the Australian peanut crop.

Forget peanuts for a second and let’s look at cadmium, it’s probably one of the most concerning heavy metals around. Cadmium is a well-known carcinogen connected to Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. Most people we have tested had some level of cadmium in their body, which is troubling because of the effects it has on human health. Cadmium is well known to lead to kidney damage and potentiate the effects of diabetes, it can also lead to osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

In our opinion there is no safe level of cadmium, albeit the peanut farmers and government working hard to keep levels down. The problem is that peanuts love to draw up cadmium from the soil, and depending on how old the farm is, the farming methods employed, and the country of origin can all have a bearing on the Cadmium levels in the final product.  

Eating organic Australian grown peanuts is probably your safest bet, and only buying products that use single origin Australian nuts too (eg peanut butter, processed foods, food bars, mixed nuts).   Peanuts can be a problem for individuals with higher levels of cadmium in their system such as hormonal disturbances.

We also suggest having a heavy metal test done with Scott, just head over to the link above to find out how?

We also suggest consuming specific foods which are high in Zinc and including MCP Detox Fibre and Superbiotic Grasses Fermented Food.

Modified Citrus Pectin + Probiotic SuperGreens 165gr 2 Ppack
Superbiotic Grasses Concentrate 600mls 3 Pack
Organic Superbiotic Daily Green Boost

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I Drink Water But I Am Still Thirsty!

I can’t tell you how many times I have this as a practitioner, but I drink plenty of water! After a decade of working with people I can tell you that most people are dehydrated, even if they are drinking plenty of water. So, what’s the big deal…… Well it’s a frickin huge big deal. So huge in fact that the effects are playing havoc with how your body is functioning.

It’s because people are choosing to drink anything but water! Well more like they prefer to drink this over plain old water!

  • Coffee / Coffee Products
  • Tea / Iced Tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Milk Drinks

Most people have no idea how much water they are consuming each day, it’s a guess at best!

If we had to bottom line this for you, you just need to drink more mineral rich water! I want to make this easy, read the rest of this article or choose now and make a commitment to your body, buy some minerals, add to your water daily and make an asserted choice to drink more.

Nerdy Facts to Fill Your Uber Brain!

  • Minerals Help Water Absorb
  • Minerals Displace Heavy Metal Toxins
  • Minerals are Co-factors in Biochemical Reactions in your body.
  • They Help Your Adrenal Glands to Function
  • Minerals are Naturally Alkalising
  • Minerals Support Muscle Function
  • Minerals Aid Nervous System & Neurotransmitters
  • Minerals Help the Digestive System
  • Minerals Help Blood Sugar Balance (Diabetes)

I think you get the picture! Even if you are eating an organic diet you’re not getting enough minerals from your food! The easiest way to get minerals into your body is to add it to water. Buy a reusable bottle and add 10-20mls of Grasses of Life Black Minerals

Mineral deficiencies are prevalent right now in the west, it’s a 3rd world issue alone. The fact you live in the west means you can address this readily and easily.

Grasses of Life Alpine Black Minerals 3 Pack

​Grasses of Life, Alpine Black Minerals with Naturally Occurring Fulvic Acid, Plant Mineral and Sea Minerals. 

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