Activated Silica 2 Pack



The World’s Best Silica Concentrate is Now Here! 

2 PACK CONTAINS:  2 x Activated Silica’s 45ml (Save $9.95) Over 300 Servings Per Bottle!

Grasses of Life Activated Silica is a Double Concentrated Proprietary Dietary Silica Designed for Fast Absorption. Typically most silicates are know to be poorly absorbed by the human body. 

  • Activated Silica has a pH of 13.7 making it highly Alkaline – Just add a few drops to a glass to water to alter the pH from acidic to highly alkaline in seconds.

Silica Research:

  • Silica is also known to help displace Heavy Metals such as Aluminum (Belles, M., et al 1998)
  • Silica is known to help support healthy skin, hair and nails. (Calomme, M. R., et al. 1997, Barel, A., et al 2005)

Vegan Vegetarian Dairy Free Gluten Free


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Activated Silica

Ingredients: Modified Liquid Silica Concentrate (Alkahydroxy®) Packaged in Australia, Product of the USA.

Serving Suggestion: 4 drops per serving = 337.5 servings per bottle. 


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