AloePet Aloe Vera Juice Powder Concentrate 100gr


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AloePet Aloevera Juice for Pets

Aloevera Juice from $5.90 Per Litre – Each 100gr Container Makes Up to a Massive 10 Litres.

Grasses of Life AloePet is made from 100:1 concentrated Aloe Vera inner leaf juice. Aloe Vera is famous for it’s health benefits containing natural pre-biotic polysaccharides as well as being a source of energy for the body.AloePet Aloe Vera Juice Powder is GREAT value at approximately $6 per litre.

10 grams of Grasses of Life Aloe Vera juice powder makes 1 litre of Aloe Vera Juice.

Ingredients: Natural Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice Powder, Preservative FREE

Directions: Add 10gr to 1 litre of water, allow to sit for 30 minutes and then enjoy.

Mix with Water or Feed:
Cats – 3 ml per kg/day
Dogs – 4 ml per kg/day
Chickens 0.5-1.5mL/day
Cows – 10 ml/ Cow per day

*Product is not sourced from China and is grown and processed in the Southern Hemisphere on farms under going organic certification.

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