PapayaPlus + Green Tea Concentrate 500mL


PapayaPlus is an incredible Probiotic Superfood, rich in the proteolytic enzyme Papain. Paw Paw or Papaya, is renowned for it’s health benefits and has a long history in traditional folk medicine.  PapayaPlus is a truly wondrous combination of Superfoods including Green Tea which is rich in Naturally Occurring Anti-Oxidants.  PapayaPlus the WOW Factor just gets better with the a subtle amount of Chilli considered in Chinese Medicine as a warming food.


Ingredients: Filtered Water, Mature Green Papaya Leaf Extract, Mature Green Papaya Fruit Extract, Fermented Lactobacillus Culture, Green Tea Extract, Lemon Juice and Chili

Caution During Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

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