Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I Already Take A Greens Product?

A. Is your greens product Fermented? This is significant, as fermentation changes the power of nutrition. It's referred to as biotransformation or enhancing the nutritional value of foods to the human body. Think of it as if the bacteria (fermentation) has partially pre-digested the foods helping the nutrients become more absorbable.

Q. Are there any Preservatives?

A. No. Our Unique Natural Fermentation Process means that we do not need to use any preservatives.

Q. I am Coeliac, Can I consume your product?"

A. Our Superbiotic Grasses Contains Wheat Grass and Barley Grass. Many people are confused about grasses Vs grains. The great news is the grasses don't contain any gluten. It is not until the grasses mature into grains that the protein called Gluten forms. 

Q. Can I use your product as a probiotic?

A. The fermentation process starts by adding a natural vegetable derived bacteria culture. Each batch is microbial tested before being shipped into the market place. Read more about fermented foods CLICK HERE

Q. Are Your Ingredients Certified Organic?

A. Our Grasses are Grown on a Certified Organic Farm in Victoria, not in a hydroponic tray. This means that the valuable minerals and nutrients are there in the soil.

Got More Questions? Ask Our Naturopath a Question. CLICK HERE

Q. Are your products Australian made?

A. Most of our products are Australian made and from Aussie Grown Ingredients. Some ingredients are imported and packed in Australia or blended into our formulas. Please see the labels for more information and percentage of country of origin. 

Q. Do you use GMO ingredients?

A. No