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Floramin Plant Derived Minerals


FLORAMIN provides almost every conceivable mineral andtrace element in an organic, colloidal form. Floramin is a blend of Austrian Alpine moor minerals and seaminerals, with natural citrus extract.  The synergistsic combination of these natural mineral  sources ensures that all of nature’s elements are present, and  provides for a higher concentration of the commonly occurring minerals. It also creates a synergy that allows the full spectrum of minerals present to ‘help ’ the others to work effectively; this means that only very small concentrations are necessary. It is important to note that organic minerals do not cause a storage problem within the body, as only those that the body requires are utilised, with the remainder being excreted.
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Chlorophyll + Organic Sea Minerals

Chlorophyll + Oceanic Sea Minerals

Chlorophyll is the natural GREEN pigment found with the cells of plant and is the plants version of heamoglobin.

The combination of Chlorophyll plus Oceanic Sea Minerals helps to keep your cells fueled and your body ready to perform. Our Formula helps to replace electrolytes lost in sweat from exercise and naturally aids to replenish the body.
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Organic Superbiotic Grasses Concentrate


Your Body Will Love You For It! – A truly unique living GREEN Food, Organic Superbiotic Grasses is a Naturally Fermented Food made with Certified Organic Ingredients: Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Alfalfa Grasses.

The benefits of combing Organic SuperGreen Foods and Lactobacillus (Friendly Bacteria) is to aid in the increased absorption of the nutrients. The Fermentaion process breaks down the Supergrasses so that when you consume the pre-digested.
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The Secret Nutritional Value Of Fermented Foods

Why The Best Diet Is Not Enough

If you have ever wondered why fermented foods are so revered, it’s because of the awesome nutritional value it has to human health. Some of the most long lived races on the planet rely on fermented foods as an essential part of their diet. Their secret to long lived lives has been attributed to the regular consumption of fermented foods.

If we take a look back it was only 100 years ago, our ancestors diets were made up of about 1/3 fermented foods.  Today you are lucky if you get enough bacteria in your diet. Most people Don’t Get Enough Probiotic Foods Each Day!
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